Amit - Killer Driller / Color Blind Feat. Rani

Without wanting to patronise anyone, the release of Amit’s new single on Metalheadz offers the perfect opportunity to set the record straight about a few issues. Almost everyone in the bass music scene will know by now the basic history of dubstep, a collective of rogue producers and DJs backlashing against the commercial takeover of UK garage, the dark heart of London’s nightlife scene since the early 2000’s that’s since been converted into a Grammy-winning, radio-friendly genre of its own.

After dubstep hit the music scene its influence was keenly felt within drum & bass. As half the genre’s most prolific producers dropped what they were doing and started writing at 140bpm, while others began to incorporate the half-time beats and screeching synth lines into their 175bpm productions, creating a new spin-off that began to be called drumstep. But the new generation of drumsteppers, the post-dubstep half-time beat cravers need to know that Amit got there first!

Since 2002 Amit has been crafting the heaviest half-time drum & bass known to man, releasing his wares on some of the scene’s most renowned labels. Here he continues to develop and own his personal take on this style of drum & bass, offering an evolution of the sound that undoubtedly takes things to an altogether darker place than most producers would dare.

‘Killer Driller’ as one would expect from the title, is a muscle-bound hulk, a behemoth of bass that is intensely brooding. Rani’s vocals do little to lighten the mood, creating a beautifully haunting atmosphere before Amit’s beats hove into view and paranoid raps begin to work into your brain, driving you mad from the inside out.

‘Colour Blind’ provides beautiful relief with a light, almost reggae-dub beat, melancholy melodies and Rani’s beautiful and emotive vocals that slide across Amit’s slowly drawn bass notes. This is the perfect contrast to the obsessive grind of the A side.