Brush Strokes by Swun

We're very happy to show you our new release. The first of our second phase as a serious label.
In the vein of Modern Classical, Bedroom electronics and Chillwave:
"Brush Strokes" by Pietro Bardini (a.k.a. Swun), a young, talented and prominent musician from Italy.

Pietro presents to all of us his very first album (EP).
After lot of experiments with electronic music in various styles, he finally found his sound in a very cool way of composition and arrangements.

Only 3 tracks are enough to identify the unique sound of this project.
Is not entirely chillwave, is not entirely neo-classical music. We're thinking to call it Dream Pop, Dreamgaze or whatever you want to call it.
No matter about which or what music genre it is, the only important thing here, is to know that we have a talented guy in our ranks, waiting to be heard and known.

Be prepared, pay attention, listen, assimilate it and ENJOY.