[cl​-​044] Rec_Overflow - Unemployed

Time To Express

Recurring Crazy-Language artist, prolific producer and label owner of Plataforma-LTW, Madrid based Rec_Overflow returns with his LP "Unemployed": a sumptuous melancholic dance record, blending hip-hop with modern glitch aesthetics, dropping at any given instance the classic dubstep LFO, bringing a fresh chiaroscuro perspective to what could’ve become a familiar album.

The attention to detail should keep the braindance freaks pleased but it is a surprisingly self-constrained record on this aspect, to a degree where you could play these on a dance floor and still be pleased on a whole different level. It’s all classical Rec_Overflow style with a distinct evolution of his ideas and genres he approaches. But there are still surprises at hand: singer Norber Kristof was hijacked to participate on five of these songs, to see his voice robotized, pitched and manipulated on all sorts of sonic mutilation, to reaffirm the ‘voice’ of this album. A pleasant surprise without being too intrusive. Fans of Crazy-Language and of Rec_Overflow’s sound may have found another little classic to their discography. (F.