Materiasounds Podcast by Textural Being

Textural Being is the main pseudonym of Sage Taylor, which focuses on deep, intense dubby atmospheres. In his works and other musical excursions he attempts to convey thoughts, feelings and emotion in a way pleasing to the ear and soothing to the soul. River city dub experiments.

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Fluxion - Prospect I
Sensual Physics - Close To You
Bovill - Slinky
Radiance - II
Quantec - My Safe Harbour
Onmutu Mechanicks - Calyx
Deepchord - Grandbend
AXS - Untitled
Marko F├╝rstenberg - Silent Stream
Synkro - Closed Doors
Zzzzra - Douce Mollesse
Ohrwert - Cygnus Loop I
Mr. Cloudy - Sky Operator
Microworld - Invisible Music
Murmur - Taproot
Remote_ - Politely Declined
P.Laoss - Bamboo Mat

"Materiasounds Podcast" by Textural Being is licensed under a Creative Commons License