night! The New Worck 475 of Dj Snoodaard

Resident Dj Snoodaard returns with a very special Martin Denny tribute mix! All tracks of the father of Exotica! Known for his brand of lounge music which included exotic percussion, imaginative rearrangements of popular songs, and original songs that celebrated Tiki culture! Diga diga doo!

Quiet Village
Isle Of Love
Burma Train
Lotus Land
Goony Birds
Diga Diga Doo
When First I Love
Swamp Fire
Forbidden Island
Llama Serenade
Mau Mau
Jungle Madness
Stone God
Tsetse Fly
Song Of The Bayou
The Left Arm Of Buddah
Tune From Rangoon
Oro (God Of Vengeance)
Rush Hour In Hong Kong
Chant Of The Wee
Song Of India
Jungle Flower