The Lucid Podcast: 021 – DJ Trinity

Dub queen, good friend and amazing artist from Downunder DJ Trinity gives us a treat with her deep set on The Lucid Podcast 021… we wonder if you LIKE her flow as much as we do ;-)

play list:
Chicago Train – Deepchild [Thoughtless Music]
Am Beat – Aveorm [SaTrincha Recordings]
Objects from the Past – Peter Van Hoesen [Time to Express]
Doves in Michigan – Deepchild [Thoughtless Music]
Raval Cat – Benjamin Brunn [Bine Music]
White Cigarettes – Konrad Black [240 Volts]
Tahu (Fluxion Remix) – Zentex [Lucidflow]
Quantum Compatibility (Brickman’s Slow Flowing Version) – Dublicator [ZeECc]
Transistor – Stefan Gubatz [Talrae]
Kazantrip – Klartraum [Lucidflow]
Bioelektrik – D.Diggler [Resopal Schallware]
Collide (Jeroen Search Remix) – ad.lib & silvision [Affin]
NX1_01_001 – NX1 [NX1]
Untitled X2 – Reggy Van Oers [Affin]
Tank (Beat Version) – Steffi [Ostgut Ton]
Tank (String Version) – Steffi [Ostgut Ton]
Rapture’s Coming – Peter Van Hoesen [Time to Express]