AuroraX - Bonding Souls

A mirage, a desolate island in a far-out galaxy, caressed by luminous star dust and disguised by pure intention.

Unchained liquid spirits diving into shimmering, sharp, yet peaceful acoustic scapes extended by resonant piano keys and polished by elegant snowflakes dancing under the stars’ cannibal impulses. 

Embraced, insulated bodies, woven in the nocturnal spiral of timeless expression speak the infinite, yet ineffable language of pure delight, untold they can seize only fiction.
A candle, a cup of water, tea and hope. fusion is an illusion?

01.Astropilot - In The Middle (Album Edit)
02.Koan - Syverian Lake (Phoenix Spellbound Mix)
03.Solar Fields - The Sight is White
04.Suduaya - Snow And Stars
05.Scann-Tec - Obstacles Area
06.Sync24 - Inadvertent
07.Puff Dragon - Shimmer (Piano Version)
08.Scann-Tec - Parallels
09.E-Mantra - Le Ciel Est Triste
10.Astropilot - En Rave
11.Koan - Going To Shining Svarga
12.E-Mantra - Moon Walker
13.Scann-Tec - Aviator
14.Solar Fields - Discovering