Download: Chromatics - Running From The Sun (Full Album)

Jet lagged & buzzing from Friday's show in Paris, I couldn't I stayed up all night with Oko talking about color based dreams while blending these tracks together. Since the album came out, a lot of people on the road have been telling us they are curious to hear some of the unreleased music from the Kill For Love sessions...Recorded November 2009 through December 2011, these songs were all mixed between 4 & 6 a.m. After hours of tracking at the studio in Montreal, we'd clear the channels on the mixer, open a bottle of wine, & feel around in the dark...working our way through the atmospheric elements & peeling back layers of rhythm...throwing the songs into the abstract pile & playing them while driving home in the snow. In Amsterdam right now trying to upload it from the hotel. Fingers crossed...

This is a lullaby for you...
Sweet Dreams!
Johnny Jewel

Track Listing

Dreaming In Color (00:23-03:08)
Red Car (03.09-07:27)
Kill For Love (07:27-11:30)
Last Wish (11:31-15:01)
Running From The Sun (15:02-19:13)
Disintegration (19:14-22:31)
These Streets Will Never Look The Same (22:32-30:53)
Blue Moon (30:54-34:38)

Do You Feel So Blue In Your Shiny Red Car ?
Will You See Your Friends Burn With You In The Fire ?
Standing Alone On A Beach
Slipping Away From The World
Or Did You Find Your Heaven Pass Beside The Road ?
Oh Red Car
Now That Your World Is So New
Hang The Tears From Your Grave
Spend My Nights Driving In Circles
Can I Still Feel The Same ?
Steering Off Of This Road
The Flames Become Glass
The Shadow In The Distance
You'll Never Pass
Oh Oh Red Car
Oh Baby Girl

Everybody's Got A Secret To Hide
Everyone Is Slipping Backwards
I Drank The Water & I Felt Alright
I Took A Pill Almost Every Night
In My Mind I Was Waiting For Change
While The World Just Stayed The Same
I Can't Remember If I Like What I Said
I Can't Remember It Went Straight To My Head
I Kept A Bottle By The Foot Of The Bed
I Put A Pillow Right On Top Of My Head
But I Killed For Love
You Say You See It Almost Every Time
A Little Number Counting Back To Nine
I Can't Remember If I Like What I Said
I Can't Remember It Went Straight To My Head
But I Killed For Love

The Burning Flame Is Flickering Now
I Say Walk With Fire
It's The Same Dream Every Night
Don't Be Scared It'll Be Alright
& If You Hold Your Thoughts Too Tight
They'll Say You Can't Keep Running From The Sun
Morning Comes & They're Waking Up
Drinking Blood From A Paper Cup
It's The Same Old Dream We All Had Last Night
& They'll Be There Burning Next To You
If You Say Your Prayers Tonight
Be Careful What You Ask
& If You Lock Your Windows Tight
Daylight Still Peaks Through Cracks
Running From The Sun

Spent My Life Inside This Room
& Disappeared Some More Each Day
The Screen Stayed Flashing In My Mind
I Couldn't Run Away From You
You Kept Me Hanging On The Line
I Get So Lonely All The Time
I Try To Find My Way Back Home
These Streets Will Never Look The Same
My Broken Heart Erased Your Name
The Screen Stayed Flashing In My Mind

You Saw Me Standing Alone
Without A Dream In My Heart
Without A Love Of My Own
You Knew Just What I Was There For
You Heard Me Saying A Prayer For
Someone I Really Could Care For
Without A Love Of My Own