Eric Cloutier - Driftwood Records Mix

this is a long overdue homage to one of the best house labels ever conceived. at only ten releases long, and almost entirely created by both the timewriter and terry lee brown jr, driftwood hit the mark every single time with some of the smoothest deep house around.

it took me quite a while to complete the series, not to mention a good amount of money, but the hunt was worth every penny. i've owned the entire series for about six years now, but i just now am finally getting around to compiling a mix of only driftwood tracks.

total respect goes to the driftwood label, jean f. cochois aka the timewriter, norman feller aka terry lee brown jr, hakan lidbo, robi uppin, and jonathan axelsson. special thanks goes to my friend travis wolf for originally pointing this label out to me back in 2002 and for kicking off an obsessed passion for this label.


01. elias - imagination [#07]
02. jeremy - b2 [#10]
03. robi uppin - fade [#06]
04. da kine - sunshower [#02]
05. da kine - ganja mist pt.2 [#05]
06. drain pipe - low life [#04]
07. ronin - coming over to you [#09]
08. da kine - mellow tip [#02]
09. da kine - samoa [#05]
10. monsoon - night cap [#03]
11. jeremy - where the heart is [#08]
12. elias - dub soba [#07]
13. jeremy - sensitive pt.2 [#08]
14. elias - explain [#01]
15. elias - selce nights [#07]
Release date: Nov 5, 2012