!Organism Replication 009 - Juan Baeza

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!Organism presents Replication 009 featuring an exclusive mix from Juan Baeza !

Born in Chile, it was in Switzerland that Juan Baeza discovered and fell for electronic music. He started composing back in 2004. Minimal psychedelic sounds with a dark bass line and experimental rhythms were his first tentatives which slowly matured into what is today known as “Juan’s music”. A precise kick, simple rhythms, efficient melodious micro sounds, fragments of voices with an avid abuse of effects single out his sound, making it particular to Juan Baeza !


Tracklisting :

01. Gruener starr - Link to the Dark (Toollbox Remix) - Darker Sounds
02. Ixel - No Suicide (Original Mix) - Genesa Records
03. Jey Nyfer - Minority (Felix Lorusso's Dub Droid Remix) - Minority's Records
04. Akasoundsite - Make your Choice (Original Mix) - Progrezo Records
05. Jan Underwood - The Butcher (original mix) - Darker Sounds
06. AKasoundsite - Faulty Methods (original mixe) - Progrezo Records
07. Sash Liq & Freddy Hetzinger - Fairy Tales (Gruener Starr remix) - Mischkonsum
08. Andre Walter, Chris Hope - Pet play (Niereich, Mike Ban & Dietmar Wohl Remix) - Audio Stimulation
09. Cristian Glitch - Clones (Original Mix) - Encode Records
10. Sash Lip & Freddy Hettzinger - The Clown is Dead (Dopamin Synaps Remix) - Mischkonsum
11. Aleja Sanchez - Close (original Mix) - Side A Side B
13. Ixel - Plekta (Mekas Remix) - Genesa Records
14. Il Ambivalent - Desolate Summer Night (original Mix) - Darker Sounds
15. Gene Karz - Hard Titan (original Mix) - Renesanz
16. ChromNoise - Alone in The Night (Original Mix) - Login Records

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Released by: !Organism
Release/catalogue number: ORGAR009
Release date: Nov 14, 2012