mmpsuf (Vilnius, Lithuania)

mmpsuf – could be plainly labelled as an electro-acoustic project. It is made of layers of vocals, harmony, electronic off-beat and steady rhythms, all of which strangely make sense. But the beauty behind this lies in the imagery, spaces and stories, which emerge with it — all so simple but so real.

mmpsuf amalgamates two creators Egle Sirvydyte and Aivaras Ruzgas. Both of them are quite known underground music figures in Vilnius.

mmpsuf - The Beauty

RETINA, the second mmpsuf album was released on the 1st of February, 2012. Music is visible. Along with other objects of the outside world, it presents itself to the watcher by knocking on the photosensitive cells. The cells open widely and escort the guests upstairs, where the mind is always waiting. Then they keenly assemble the Beauty. Dedicated to the Beauty (no matter how sad) mmpsuf continues its expedition.
Two live videos from RETINA:

mmpsuf - Beautiful Robots

EXPEDITORS, the first mmpsuf release of early 2011, is dedicated to all living beings that serve great missions without choices and much appreciation. Whether it is a canine outer space program, an orbiting frog otolith, or human expedition in life and death, all of them share same features: the choice (or lack of it), the mission (not to be perceived), the oblivion (not to be realised) and the beauty (the saddest one, no matter how beautiful).