Northernshore - Halls of Echoing Repose (Martin Schulte Tribute)

Re-upload of my tribute set to Martin Schulte.

Marat Shibaev was born in Kazan (Russia) in 7th April 1988. From the very beginning music took one of the most important places in his life. In year 2000 he came to know the electronic sound, which has conquered his mind. In two years, under the resonant name of Martin Schulte he started to write electronic music and get DJ skills. He was trying to experiment with sound, seeking his own direction and trying to be different from others.

01 Space
02 September Forest
03 Cold Heart
04 Polar Night
05 Quiet Street
06 Cave
07 Killer
08 Andrea Porcu - Second Wharf (Martin Schulte Remix)
09 Nautical
10 Galaxy
11 Slums
12 Lazy Morning
13 Researches of Depth
14 When Stars Fall
15 Countryside
16 City Night
17 Gravitation
18 The Return of a Buttefly
19 Solar Eclipse
20 Observatory
21 Evening
22 Reverberation
23 Mermaid