Roxiny - Belong (Moduloktopus Dissonant Space Remix)


Though you might not have heard of her, Roxiny is surely on the same golden road as Foxes (featured on Zedd’s “Clarity”), Sirah (featured on Skrillex’s “Bangarang”) and other EDM femmes. The dame hails from Dominican Republic and the vibe of her latest track certainly capitalizes on her roots with its Latin sounds. This Official Moduloktopus remix of Roxiny’s “Belong”, brings airy pop vocals, authentic Dominican rhythms, swelling dub lines, kaleidoscopic sound play and a Future grime undertone.

“Within every culture I lived and loved, music was the greatest form of expression,” says Roxiny in regards to her music. Moduloktopus succeeds to creatively amalgamate genres to keep those words true. The EDM scene could certainly stand to have more flavor with the direction both of these artists push forward.


This remix is my Kaleidoscopic interpretation of the lyrics with a twist of Dominican and UK EDM elements. Remixing this hybrid with lyrics is for me a great way to add depth to the music and tell a story. In this specific case I wanted to take Dominican rhythms to a new level no one tried before. You'll hear that inside the imaginary landscape of the deep bass motions, the glitchy Dominican rhythms, airy vocals, anesthetic pads, and spaced outer-space dub elements, is a lesson in wisdom.

Regardless of any means we use, whenever we find time to clear our mental noise we realize how much space is an essential aspect to pull ourselves together in life. Relative to what I once heard a wise man once say "Seek nothing and you will find everything". Finding light from the perception of mass confusion starts by recognizing the dissonant space one find themselves in. Then it's liberating to open your awareness and not make the noise an identity. Only See it as a small part of who you are and watch it's activity from a bigger picture.

The nature of events flowing in our world is something that is mostly outside our control, but it's in our nature to make sense out of it, regardless of how confusing or distracting it may seem. So in honor of it, this song speaks about gathering yourself back from the natural randomness of life. Making the metaphor of "dissonant space" the way you create order out of all the chaos, and instead of attempting to control it, you find a way to make it Dance with you.

-Moduloktopus Cover Art: KEITH MAJOR

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