Chillstep Works - Vol. 6 by Ideal Noise (2011)

Chillstep Works. - Vol. 6 by Ideal Noise Productions [2011]

Sixth mix tape in the series ...."a journey through the chill side of dubstep"

Mixed by : Ideal Noise Productions
Size : 215 MB
Format : MP3 - 320 kbps
Running Time : 1:31:34
Tracks : 23 (One Continuous Mix)

Free Download link (Through FileFactory) :

Mix Notes : Is “Happiness” a personal choice? …Is “True Love” the only thing that makes “Happiness” possible? ...The tunes selected for this mix do not offer an answer to those two questions necessarily but somehow relate to the themes. From pain of loneliness and melancholy to the triumph of finding true love and perfect company, they take you on a short journey of self reflection. Hopefully, it will help one find his own answers as no two persons shall go through this journey using the same path.
Again and as always, no attention is paid to how old or new a tune is. The only thing that matters is the overall flow. File Factory file has track listing and cover and sleeve artwork.

Enjoy the vibes :)


Track List :

01. Dido & A.R. Rahman - If I Rise (ENiGMA Dubz Mix)
02. Synkro - Lost For Words
03. Versa - Monsoon
04. INKARV - If I
05. Sweetheart of Kairi - Approaching Farewell (Stumbleine Remix)
06. William Fitzsimmons - The Tide Pulls from the Moon (JacM Chillstep Remix)
07. Jernalism - Dream
08. Swrams - Hypnotize (Original Mix)
09. N4m3 - Everyday
10. ID3 - How Much I Love You
11. The Widdler - Come Home
12. Blackmill (Feat. Veela) - Let It Be
13. Deji - Warm Cider
14. Dark0 - HYLI
15. MiM0SA - Sanctuary
16. Volor Flex - You In Me
17. Sepalcure - Pencil Pimp
18. Dark0 (Feat. Context MC) - Killing Me
19. Kontigo - Here I Come
20. Sabi - Wild Heart
21. Camo & Krooked (Feat. Shaz Sparks) - All Fall Down
22. Skit - Love VIP
23. Phaeleh - Natural Feeling

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