Corone's Treasure Chest Podcast #3 - DER KLIENT

This months podcast comes from „Der Klient“. He is known for his very deep mix of styles, ranging from house to techno, with a sprinkle of dub- and funky tracks. Synthesizing all these styles, he creates monolithic sets. Furthermore he is head of the project „deep afterhour“ where he (like me) features talented artists and their podcasts.

But maybe sometimes you just want to relax and listen to music not being played in clubs, then you should check out his alter ego „Der Mandant“, who serves
great ambient sets. 

I found this statement on his website: „The possibility to express yourself through music gets bigger the longer a set lasts“. I agree, but in my podcast series he „only“ has one hour to „express himself“ to the audience, nevertheless I think he definitely achieved his goal!
Now get ready and enjoy: „Der Klient“

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