Desert Dwellers - Far From Here - Single with Remixes (Teaser)

Here is a teaser for a new Desert Dwellers single on Black Swan Records (released digitally on April 30th worldwide). It will feature 6 remixes produced in a pretty wide range of styles and genres from Drumspyder, Luke Mandala, Blue Lunar Monkey, Eastern Sun, Solar Lion, and A Mantra.

The original Far From Here has an uplifting 'old school' kinda vibe ... like a morning sunrise deep in the expansive desert. The wide range of remixes allow this track to be worked into many different settings and circumstances from full on dance to yoga practice.

01 Far From Here (Original Mix)
02 Far From Here (Drumspyder Remix)
03 Far From Here (Luke Mandala Remix)
04 Far From Here (Blue Lunar Monkey Remix)
05 Far From Here (Eastern Sun Remix)
06 Far From Here (Solar Lion Remix)
07 Far From Here (A Mantra Remix)

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