[DUBKEY013] Ashley - Dub From Creation

Ashley - Dub From Creation

Spring is the most spectacular and colourful season. Birds' tunes announce its arrival, and then, suddenly, fields, gardens, and every other patch of soil, burst into life. Creation is vividly manifested right in front of our eyes. It is also the most soothing period of the year, the calm after the storm.

As spring kicks in, Ashley returns with his new creation, 'Dub From Creation'. This set continues where 'Tribulation In Dub' left off. The first few titles are very reminiscent of the previous album, with the same dark themes and moods but things get brighter as we move along. Spring always follows winter! There is light at the end of the tunnel after all!

The music here is as valid as ever. Ashley's dub formula works! Check it out for yourself - it will heal you!

01. Living Inna Babylon
02. The Present Time
03. City A Take Over Jah Land
04. Difficult Situation
05. Evil Man (Part 2)
06. Hard To Survive
07. Ashanti Dub
08. A Creative Dub
09. The Chosen Few Dub
10. Jamaican Dub
11. Dub From Creation
12. Finish Line Dub