Kissy Klub BBC Radio 1 "Intros Special"

Due to public demand!

The 2 hour BBC Radio 1 Kissy Klub "Intros Special" ....WITHOUT THE TALKING!

Includes a spoken introduction by Kissy at the start.

If you like this PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD on TWITTER and FACEBOOK #LongLiveTheKissyKlub !!

Tracklist is too long and complicated to begin to attempt to list off so just grab a fizzy drink, turn up the stereo and prepare for a 2 hour trip down memory road!

You can subscribe to the Podcast on iTunes by following this link (this works on an iPHONE too!!)

If you're allergic to iTunes then here's the Podomatic link:…50_48-07_00

Peace, love, drums & bass....


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