N U - S O L


SAGA | vocals by Daw Yi Yi Thant
PALOMITA | original by Joe Cuba
NOWORDS | vocals by Don pedro Guerra Gonzales
SUELTO | Clarinet by Henrik Braun
THE ENGLISCH PLAY | vocals by William S. Burroughs
KARA TAL | co written & produced by Acid Pauli
MALDIDI | vocals by Don Agustin Rivas
WEIDASONIC | remix for Robosonic & Laura Weida | Stil vor Talent
KEEP IT WARM | co written by Chris Schwarzwälder, Vocals & Lyrics by Jo Ke
HEISS | co written by Chris Schwarzwälder
MONGOLIA | remix for Napkka & Victor & Aphrodite
SLEEP ON MY FEEDS | co written & produced by Nico Stojan
TANGA | co written by Guenther Lause
ABRE | URSL 013 (128kbit)
FIESTA | vocals by Don Agustin Rivas
CURADAI | Drums by Rui Faustino
HOW STRANGE | Keys by Holger Hecler, Vocals by Jo Ke
ANTARASH | co written & produced by Chris Schwarzwälder, Vocals by Iannnis Ritter
CHOOSE | co produced by Chris Schwarzwälder, Vocals by Mz Sundayluv, Hang by Tomas Fris
CARAT | piano by Chilly Gonzales | URSL 013 (128kbit)
DIRTY PEOPLE | remix for Lake Powel, co produced by Acid Pauli, unreleased Version
I DREAM | remix for Console
LITTLE BIRDS | original by Kings of Convenience
L&H | co written by Behr
SLEEPSONG | URSL 013 (128kbit)
CANDELA | remix for Miki Gonzales
YOU CRY | vocals & sitar by Salar Aghili & Mohamed Iqbal

All Tracks written, produced & mixed by NU

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