RBMAR: Nosaj Thing Headphone Highlights

After 2009’s Drift LP, Nosaj Thing confounded a worldwide audience of open-minded ravers with his unique marriage of glitchy electronics, dubby instrumentals, bumping beats, and a fuzzy blizzard of blazed ambience. Bringing a certain cinematic atmosphere to the West Coast beat scene, Jason Chung is one to take his due time with his projects, waiting four years to follow up his Alpha Pup debut with 2013’s Home on Innovative Leisure. His live performances see him racking his samples along his trusty Akai MPD 32, and re-interpreting his tracks with frenetic energy, in stark contrast to the deep tones of his studio productions. Chung’s music has also struck a chord with film makers like Dugan O’Neal, and rappers like Kid Cudi and Kendrick Lamar, for whom he has scored production credits. The touchstones of his remix arsenal include Charlotte Gainsbourg, Boris, Drake, Radiohead, and The xx. There’s a storm brewing beneath the calm, placid exterior.