The Verbrilli Sound "Vimana" Arrives April 9.13

Anunnaki, which means literally "those who from heaven to earth came", is an album of music inspired by the writings of Zechariah Sitchin, which more than anything have opened Don Verbrilli’s mind to the great stories, wonders, and mysteries of the many ancient civilizations which have risen and fallen on this planet.

On this the 4th Verbrilli Sound album Don Verbrilli has reached into his past and dusted off a wide range of instruments from woodwinds, keyboards, guitars, percussion, etc. Anunnaki may have the feel of an electronic ambient album but in reality it’s anything but just electronics — from the instruments to the recording process the approach is truly analog. Using tube amplifiers, varied pre-amps, rich tube-condensers and smooth ribbon mics, Anunnaki is as much a voyage in recording and sound experimentation as it is an exploration of the ancient stories themselves.,+The


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