Toro Y Moi - So Many Details (MOOG SOUND LAB Season 3)

Toro Y Moi took time out of their busy schedule to put in some time in the Moog Sound Lab. Chaz Bundick deconstructs and reworks "So Many Details" from his latest release "Anything in Return" creating a textural bed of bass with a Little Phatty while harmonizing with the Minimoog Voyager. The original version's synth bass line is played live on a bass guitar affected by the MF-101 to create the distinctive "talking wah" effect. The sequenced drums of the album give way to the analog sounds of 3 Rack Mount Voyagers being controlled by a Trap-Kat MIDI drum pad. Chaz's vocals combined with the Moog Guitar used throughout creates a soulful laid back version of the song.

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