WO/MAN by Rhye

A companion piece to their debut album, the mysterious duo known as Rhye present "a soulful mix for the lover's dancefloor", compiled with the help of KCRW host Mathieu Schreyer.

Despite the title of their debut LP, Woman, Rhye consists of Toronto-born Mike Milosh and Danish songwriter-producer Robin Hannibal, with Milosh providing the hushed vocals the call to mind Sade and Tracey Thorn. Still shy of cameras, the duo's music echoes this sensitive mood that speaks of solitary moments and long, dark nights of the soul.

Here is what the guys had to say about their mix:

"We joined forces with music tastemaker, DJ and KCRW Radio Host Mathieu Schreyer to provide you with a soulful mix for the lover's dancefloor. It can be hard picking uptempo songs that still represent that emotional quality that we look for in music, but in collaboration with Mathieu, we found these songs that move us in different ways. "

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