Yard Sale EP by Torus

To celebrate both the one year anniversary of Sonic Router Records and the milestone of our first release, the young Dutch producer, Torus, returns a year to the day with a brand new 5 track EP. Made up of three original tracks and remixes from Parisian producer Dream Koala and Californian artist Spaceghost, it’s the freely downloadable/pay-what-you-want bridge between his first self-titled EP and his follow up, the Feeel EP which is currently slated for a June release.

Across the original tracks Torus builds deftly on the sense of mood he created with his first release. At first sprawling himself over ‘2mrrw’ and ‘Leaves’ - two tracks who’s strength lies in the way they stretch themselves out through slow builds and found sounds – he hits harder than ever before with the pronounced kick drum of ‘Shallow Depth’, showing a different, more club focused, side to his production.

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