Boards Of Canada - Music Has the Right to Children (1998)

Music Has the Right to Children is the debut public album of the Scottish electronic music duo Boards of Canada. It was published by Warp Records and released on 20 April 1998 in Europe and 20 August in the United States. The album was produced at the Hexagon Sun, the duo's personal recording studio.
The songs utilize a number of field recordings and intense sound manipulation.[1]


Wildlife Analysis 00:00
An Eagle In Your Mind 01:18
The Color Of The Fire 07:40
Telephasic Workshop 09:25
Triangles & Rhombuses 16:04
Sixtyten 17:53
Turquoise Hexagon Sun 23:40
Kaini Industries 28:48
Bocuma 29:49
Roygbiv 30:55
Rue The Whirl 33:25
Aquarius 40:05
Olson 46:03
Pete Standing Alone 47:36
Open The Light 53:45
Smokes Quantity 58:12
One Very Important Thought 1:01:24
Happy Cycling 1:02:40

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