Never Back by Doyeq

easy listening n chilled moments - highly recommended ... njoy Doyeq's masterpiece! dg

The next release in our free name-your-price series is presented by our long-time bros and in-home artists Doyeq from Moscow, RU. Since their debut on our label with their “Eyelashes Of Lanterns” EP they’ve made a good output on several other foundations and constantly proceed developing their live acting side.

So this time we meet a full-length album – and again a stunning one. Slightly remaining works of Swod or any other piano based contemporary masters “Never Back” shows the same approach but the firm spirit and touch of Doyeq. A lot, really a lot of live instrumentals including stings, pianos, sax and double bass mixed together with glitch micro percussion and analog synth sparks. Warm, profound, cozy and soothing stuff and it’s truly cinematic. So the whole album is just a classic favorite one for us for sure. Gold series!

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